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Glad you're still working on this.

I remember reviewing your first trailer for this a while ago and liking it. I was hoping that you would get around to making it more than that and I might be contacting you about voice acting... I've not decided yet.

As for the flash, it was very well done and you're animation has improved a lot from the last trailer. It's looking pretty good and the addition of good voice acting could make this great.


I only came across this when I saw your other submission today and I was very impressed by this. I like it when people try to do their own thing and draw it rather than just using sprites (not that I'm bashing sprite movies).

The music was pretty good and although it lacked voices and well sound of any description, it was well done (btw if you're still looking for volunteers for voices then I could possibly do one if you're really desperate ;). Just PM me or something like that and I would be happy to oblige if it helps with getting the flash moved forward).

Anyway this was extremely well done and I hope you're able to find the time to expand this into a real series because I think it would be really really good. I think it deserves a better score than it has at the moment, to be honest.


Good Parody

After watching that parody I can't help but think sirschmoopy is in fact the Man now. The direct quote you used was hilarious.

As for the actual flash: It was very good. Ironically I think your graphics were better than the original but that just makes it funnier. Your impressions of the actual characters were very well done and overall I like the humour in it. Keep up the good work.

Do more Chanter episodes though rather than wasting your times with parodies albeit a funny (and good) one.


P.S. You do realise doing a parody has increased the chances by about 100% that Unforgotten Realms is going to get a series page?

Ghosty22 responds:

Yeah, I'm working on Chanter Tales 1.3, but I'm gonna put up some smaller less-complicated stuff here and there, because Chanter Tales takes a long time to make. I doubt I'll make another one of these, though.

I actually love that series... It's just the Christmas one I didn't like. I was just mad because I thought he over reacted to my review. I actually hope it does get a series page.

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Good fun

Is one of the more interesting games on Newgrounds, looking forward to the second part.

One glitch I noticed: The Amulet symbol is next to the level 'Wing Master' but the amulet is in the next level 'The Cataclysm'.

You got 10 for sound because you used Muse for the last level ;).

ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for that bug report, didn't notice it. I'll go and fix it right now.

Gotta love the new Muse album ;)

Thanks for the review.


It was hard but somehow I had unlimited lifes so it was really easy.

Pretty good

It was pretty good but some of the colision detection needs some work and you can fall through platforms.

Like other people said the inability to turn when jumping is irritating but I got used to it.

What is the 5th level? I killed the boss but it only has 1 to 4 on the level select screen and I could only find three of the images. They're well hidden.

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One of the Best Metroid Fanarts I've Seen

Not usually into the 'sexy' fanart of Samus but I have to say this is probably one of the classiest ones I've seen. Absolutely perfect anatomy and nice touch with still having the leg armour on and the bottom half of her zero suit (Though perhaps would have been cool to see the top half pushed down so it looked more like the bodysuit it is). I love the expression on her face, as well as the nice touch of her shading her eyes. It just looks so perfect. I can imagine her looking up at the sky, perhaps at passing ships as she rests by the pool.

Truly a fantastic piece. :) Metroid is one of my favourite game series of all time so I tend to be fussy. ;)

By the way, tradition dictates you should do one with her in a bikini if you're *really* celebrating 25 years of Metroid. ;)


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