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Art Portal

Posted by TheeForsakenOne - June 18th, 2009

It's good to finally see the art portal come into being. Really I'm a writer so that's the one I'm most looking forward to. I have submitted a couple of art pieces I've done which were completely by me. I did quite a few collabs but I wouldn't feel right submitting those.

Anyway, hoping the writing portal will come soon so I can really start contributing to Newgrounds. Also need to get around to learning actionscript...

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I may be a few years late in responding, but don't let it stop you. The forums are always available, plus you can always send some writings my way and I will use them for some artwork inspiration.

You certainly are a bit of a mysterious one, and for quite a while as well! Though your work might not involve Newgrounds type material, it doesn't mean you can't commiserate with the crowd. I myself was into video production when I joined up here 13 years ago, and lol, you outrank me by leaps and bounds.

What brings you here to deposit regularly? It's been 5 years since this post was made, you still with that production company? I saw it had at least 3 webworthy clients in the 'hire us' section.

Also congrats for doing so well in Phoenotopia, poor Tom was sweating the first comments when the game went public, I assured him kids these days are more spoon fed than ever. Nice to see a quality game pop out of the woodwork!

Anyway, hope this unprovoked rant is amusing :3

I'm mysterious? I never really thought so. I might not post reviews or comments but I am always interested in new content. It's the reason I visit every day.

I only started that company last year so yes it's still going. In fact, you've reminded me I need to update that page.

Thank you although I'm not sure I deserve the congratulations until I complete it. I am a sucker for such games, especially if it has lots of exploration. Perhaps my only criticism is that it feels way too big for an online game. It should have been released on GoG.com and other places. Perhaps through Behemoth instead of Newgrounds. Just a thought.

Not sure I'd call it a rant but calling me 'mysterious' did amuse me a little.

When I joined up here, I never thought about talking to the others here, but those were different times. Now that online socializing is more popular, I kinda chose to do that here, as opposed to the highly suspect mainstream sites. I've met Tom and a lot of the other content providers here in Philly, even tossed 2 bills to Krinkels and his Nexus 2 project a little while ago.

Took me 50+ hours to even finish Phoenotopia, feels properly episodic, also going to suggest to the author that he do a Kickstarter for the sequel, as well as your suggestions.

If you were a little more specific about what types of services (software used, artists rendering, types of files provided) you provide, perhaps you can make a few bucks from the developers here... I'm supposed to create a skin or two for the characters in Nexus 2, maybe I could compensate you for the finished skin, so it's easier for them to integrate into the PC/Mac game.

Cool. I've backed a few things that some Newgrounders have done from time to time.

I'm a completionist, especially on smallish games like this. I'm having great fun finding the hidden vaults and caves. Feels very satisfying.

Yeah it's something I need to work on. Part of the problem is finding a way to do it without breaking the various NDAs I'm tied up in. I'm hopeful once the first round of projects is completely finished I'll be able to show more concrete examples. To be honest, I'm not sure what I could provide to devs on Newgrounds, at the moment. Perhaps in the future but I'm quite pleased to say I'm fairly tied up with projects for now and will hopefully be for the next six months at least. After that, I am hopeful to have enough funds to work on my own projects instead of helping with others.

I'm usually pretty lazy and halfassed, but when money's involved, I'm worse than Leona Helmsley when it comes to sweating the details. Mr. Swain says the fun will begin after the KS gets funded, which will be a weird time for me... my munchkin pumpkins will be be coming in then. This year ended up to be a loss so far, hope I can get back in the black. It's good to hear a fellow member here is being productive, and compensated :)

Last NDA I had was a handshake, but it should've been on paper, considering how unethical the company operated :\ Sometimes I wish I stayed, but I like the idea of waking up for work without an alarm clock, or just being able to sleep at night lol.

I'm in my second year now and my first was a loss (No surprises) although it was small and it's only because my payments haven't come through yet.

Ah yes I've caught a few by surprise by demanding a written contract. Many are surprised but I always force them to sign one. They tend to be more agreeable when I explain it protects them too as well as me. On top of that, it means I don't get screwed.

Just realized this post is over 5 years old. A lot of water went under the bridge in that time. How are your folks? I spent all afternoon on machines with no suspension, kinda rattled, but grateful for the allergy medicine I took around 5 this morning.

Do you follow any programs on TV? I don't even watch the one I have anymore. I think the only 2 new shows I've kept up with in the past 5 years, was Life on Mars (UK) and Adventure Time. Oh and the UK version of Top Gear, so many ppl recommended it over the years... peer pressure.

The two art pieces you made were really awesome! You should make more!